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  Confidence and Mental Training = Mastering Your Emotions

Once you Master your Emotions Your Potential becomes LIMITLESS

Jenny Moores

Mental Skills Trainer & Confidence Coach 

Specializing In Female Sports Confidence Building

Is This YOU?

  • Nervous/ Anxious Before Or During Games
  • Inability To Bring Your Practice Skills To The Game
  • Lack Of Confidence/ Self Esteem
  • Unable To Focus
  • Inconsistant Performance
  • Fear Of Being Judged For Bad Performance
  • Learn How To Clear All Of These Blocks- Set Up A FREE Consultation Now!  

The #1 method for females to overcome harsh coaching

Is your child struggling with harsh coaching? No matter how she performs the coach constantly yells. Negativity sets in and starts to affect not only her game, but every area of her life and she begins to feel overwhelmed and bad about herself. Starting to sound familiar? I struggled with this for years as a young athlete until I learned this.... Performance = Potential- In [...]

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Practice like you play…. Play like you practice

Do you master your technique in practices but when it actually counts the skills are nowhere to be found? Do you find yourself obsessing over your previous mistakes? Feeling overwhelmed with nerves or anxiety before a game? The main reason why you struggle with these issues is because you try to just talk yourself through it – try harder, you can do this and so on. Unfortunat [...]

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