About Me

I have been where you are... Your NOT alone

I grew up in a "Typical American Family." I was the oldest of four children and the only daughter. My parents were happily married, my Dad a teacher and my Mom a homemaker. I excelled at school, music and sports. I had a million friends and was a social butterfly. On the outside my world seemed to be  perfect.. On the inside, however I was a MESS....  I was plaugued by depression, constantly comparing myself to others, binge eating and then starving myself. I was in a constant state of "putting on a happy face." My friends and family had no idea how much I was hurting. I spent years waiting for someone to notice that I wasn't alright, but because I seemed to have it all together no one noticed the warning signs..

I spent the better part of my late teens into my late 20's searching for someone or something to save me..  Working 85 hours a week in a very high profile corporate job always striving for perfection and approval.  I got sick, was diagnosed with endometriosis and my life spiraled... I was dealing with infertility, pregnancy loss, depression and the horrific daily pain associated with Endo and that lead me on a journey to find a way to fix my broken body.. I studied homeopathic medicine, Certified in Reiki, Yoga and EFT. I spent the better part of 15 years learning how to manage my stress and heal my body. That is where I finally found the missing key.. What really needed healing was my mind... I learned that my thoughts controlled my life and that my mental game needed an overhaul. If only I had known all this at 10! 

From that point on it became my mission to teach this to young girls, So no one would have to suffer the way I did for so long. So that my own daughter would know her self- worth from a young age and not spend the better part of her life searching....  

While Coaching my daughters softball team I realized just how wide spread the self-esteem issue really is. A deep passion was lit inside me to help EVERYONE I came in contact with learn the truth about themselves and the “secret” to gaining control over their lives once and for all enabling them to finally experience the life they were made to live! I continued my studies in coaching and neuroscience and was certified as a Mental Skills Trainer and Confidence Coach. I am incredibly blessed today to help people experience profound breakthroughs through a unique process using The RACE Formula , that has been proven effective with thousands of people of all ages worldwide to get breakthroughs in their lives they had previously only imagined, enabling them to craft the lives of their dreams!

I know what it's like to feel the way you do...  Let me teach you how to breakthrough to the best YOU...

I look forward to working with YOU.

We can do this,                                                                            Jenny