What happens in a session?

Each session is about 60 minutes in duration. Sessions are not strictly timed but rather geared toward achieving a result and progress. A first session is an extensive history and evaluation; designed to gather information in order to discern specific obstacles and issues and how to proceed and tailor the program to the client's individual needs. This session typically lasts 90 minutes. Additional sessions are geared around our proven RACE formula - R for realization, A for awareness, C for clear interference, and E for emotional mastery

How often are sessions held?

Initially once a week is recommended for optimal progression. In order to achieve success and ownership of their personal success, it is imperative for the client to have time to both digest and practice the skills learned in individual sessions in order to transform the skills into habits which are reflexive.

How many sessions should I book?

​The minimum initial package is 6 sessions because it takes time to learn and implement techniques and practice the skills. Most clients are able to achieve measurable success within a six session package, although many choose to continue with additional packages or single sessions.

How much do sessions cost?

​ A 6-session package paid in full is a discounted rate of $800. A 12-session package paid in full is further discounted at $1400. Individual sessions (only available after initial 6-session package minimum) are $250 each.Payment plans are available at a non-discounted rate. Call or e-mail for pricing on payment plans, Team and Coach training options.

How is mental skills training different from the physical skills coaches teach?

​Coaches teach the correct execution of physical skills. Mental skills training is, in a very real way, the exact same as working with a physical trainer, but instead teaching about your mind and how it connects to your emotions and body. Your Confidence Coach and Mental Skills Trainer, like the physical coach, teaches correct execution but this time of mental skills; mastery of emotion; focus, clarity, confidence; all of which enable the client to achieve high level consistency in his/her physical performance, be it sport, academics, relationships, or jobs. The teaching methodology is exactly the same; acquisition of knowledge and correct repetition utilized in order to habituate mastery of emotions.

Do I have to have an acute problem to benefit from the training?

No, although many people initiate participation in mental skills training due to acute problems. Like any skill, the benefits of mental skills training often motivates students to pursue the training after resolution of an issue in order to continue to empower themselves and improve their emotional mastery in performance and life.Mental Skills Training is designed to go to the core of the problem for resolutions rather than change in behavior to achieve desired results . We are not physicians or therapists and we do not diagnose, or treat mental illness. We deal primarily with acute performance problems.

Where are you located?

​Everywhere! Sessions are held through ZOOM, you can have sessions from any city in any country in any type of weather, you just need a computer or device and internet access. This enables the coach and the client to not only see each other but to screen share and interact. A session link will be sent, when the session time comes, click the link. Simple as that! 

For team/coach in-person training ​outside of the WNY area travel costs will apply.

What payment methods do you take?

​ Accepted forms of payment are: Cash, Check, Venmo, Zelle or Paypal. Sessions must be paid in full at the time of scheduling. Cancellations with less than 72 hour notice will be subject to cancellation fees.